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Santa Banta Jokes-IV

3 sardar picnic par gae wahan ja kr yad aya k pepsi to ghar bhol gaye Decide kia kay sab se chota sardar ja kar pepsi le aey, Chota sardar:Main is shart par jata hun k tum mere ane tak smose nahi khao ge Dono ne kaha thek hai 1 din guzar giya ...sardar ni aya 2 din guzr gae 2no ne socha k ab smose kha lne chahye Jse hi smosa uthaya chota sardar ped k peche se nikal k bola.... Aisay karo gay to main nahi jaonga.

Santa was going to school and saw one girl and boy kissing each other and he told. Mum look these boy and girl is fighting for chewing gum. Santa jokes in hindi Santa apni mother ke saath school ja raha tha aur usne ek boy aur girl ko kiss karte hue dekha Phir usne apni mother ko kaha. Are mummy wo ladka aur ladki chewing gum ke liye jhagad rahe hai 

Santa banta se: MBA ka matlab kya hota hai? Banta santa se: nahi pata. Santa banta se: Are aak kal har jagah MBA ki dhoom machi hai. banta: bata phir. Santa banta se: MBA ka matlab "Mai Bhi Anna"

Doctor: Aab tabiyat kaisi hai? Santa: Pehle se zyada kharab hai. Doctor: Dawai kha li thi? Santa: Nahi, dawai ki sishi to bhari hui thi. Doctor: I mean dawai le li thi? Santa: Ji aapne di to maine le li thi. Doctor: Bewakoof dawai pee li thi? Santa: Nahi dawai to laal thi. Doctor: Abe gadhe dawai ko pee liya tha? Santa: Nahi sir peelia to mujhe tha!!! …………………………………Doctor behosh

One dog was sitting under the santa car. Santa: what r u doing under my car. Don' try to become an engineer.

Fat Santa and Doctor banta Jokes in english Fat Santa to Doctor banta: sir i wanted to reduce my weight. Doctor banta to Fat santa: run 8 km every day and come back after 300 days. Fat santa is calling to doctor banta: Sir, i reduced my weight but i am 24,000km away from my house.

Santa And Professor jokes Professor:Chemical symbol of Barium? Sardar: BAProfessor:For sodium?
Sardar: NA
Professor:What will we get if 1 atom of BA
& 2 atoms of NA combined?
Sardar: BANANA  Sardar: NA Professor:What will we get if 1 atom of BA & 2 atoms of NA combined? Sardar: BANANA 

Santa sent SMS to his BOSS: Me sick, no work Boss SMS back: When I am sick I kiss my wife try it 2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss: Me ok, ur wife very sweet 

Police:Instead of hospital why did u take ur wife to COMEDY MOVIE during pregnancy Santa: ALL the child were crying when they born I want my child to laugh so i take my wife TO CINEMA

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