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Santa Banta Jokes-VII

Banta-Kya Hua,Ye Mitti Kyun Khod Raha Hai?
Santa-Dadaji Ne Bola Mene Unka Nam Mitti Me Mila Diya,
Wohi Dhund Raha Hun

Santa Ek Baraf Ka Tukra Utha Kar Usy Gaur Se Dekh Raha Tha ...Banta - Kya Dekh Rahe Ho ... ??
Santa - Dekh Raha Hoon Ye Leak Kahan Se Ho Raha Hy

Wats D Diff. B/W Bus & Cycle?
Santa:Bus Ka Stand Bus Ke Sath Kabhi Nahi Jata
Par Cycle Ka Stand Cycle Ke Sath Jata Hai.

Santa: Mene Kal SANIA MIRZA Se Phone Pe Baat Ki.
Banta: That's Great Yaar..
Usne Kya Kahaa..??
Santa: Usne Kaha
Wrong Number

Salsman-WhichSoap U
Santa-BABA'S Soap,BABA'S Paste,BABA'S Brush.
Salsman-Is BABA'S
Snta: Baba Is My Room Mate.

Santa: Should I Buy Tickets For My Children.?Conductor: Yes! Only If They Are Above 8.
Santa: Thank God I Have Only 6 Children..!!

Santa:I Made My Son FoolBanta:how?
Santa:Last Night,He Stole All My Money And Spent It
Banta:But How U Fooled Him?
Santa: I Was Awoken But Didnt Stop Him!

Banta : Why Is The Police Nicknamed
"The Heart Of The Country"?
Santa : It

Santa:Mujhe Tou Aankhey
Band Karney Par Bhi Dikhayi Deta Hai.
Banta:Achchaa, Kya Dikhta Hai?

Santa Invested 2 LakhsIn A Business And Suffered Huge Losses.
Do U Know What The Business Was?
He Opened A Saloon In Punjab!

Mrs. Santa Don't Like To Eat Green GrassBut,
Mr. Santa Likes..
Santa Is A Guy !!!
Santa Ki Amma Mar Gyi.
1 Admi Bola-Amma Mujhe Le Jati
2-4 Or Bole-Amma Hume Bi Le Jati
S:-Chup Ho Jao Kamino
Amma Kya Suzuki Dala Kr Ke Gyi He

Santa- Yaar!
A Auratein Sharab
Se Nafrat Q Karati Hai?
Banta- Islye Ki,
Sharab Pine Ke
Baad Chuhe Jaisa
Pati Bhi Sher
Ho Jata Hai.
My Grand Father Lived For 96 YearsHe Never Used Glasses
Sardar : Ya
I Know
Few People Drink
Directly From Bottle
Banta: What?S The Difference Between An Oral Thermometer And ARectal Thermometer?
Santa: The Taste.

What Is The Chemical Formula 4 Water?
Teacher: Wht R U Talking Abt? SANTA:Yesterday U Said H To O.

Santa Was Caught For Speeding And Went Before The Judge.The Judge: What?Ll You Take 30 Days Or Rs 3000.
Santa: I Think I?Ll Take The Money

Prof: Chemical Symbol Of Barium?
Sardar: BA
Prof: And Sodium?
Sardar: NA
Prof: What Will We Gt If 1 Atom Of BA & 2 Atoms Of NA Combine?
Sardar: BANANA!

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