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Funny SMS 1

I can Prove,that my Girlfriend is perfect


I am the best Example of Her choice...

A line written on a Husband's T shirt :



Student took his girlfriend to his homeAfter Completing Graduation....Father Asked who is she....Son replied.My Campus selection.. !!

Two Ladies Fighting For A Seat In A Bus ..Bus Conductor: The Older One Should Sit HereBoth Looked At Each OtherAnd The Seat Remained Empty :P

Universal msg from students to Teachers -when we say "We miss school".we mean our friends, not studies...

A successful marriage is basedOn give & take:Where husband gives money,Gifts, dresses n wife takes it&Where wife gives advices, lectures,Tensions & husband takes it..!!

Every girl finds herself beautiful,afterwatching her pending friend requests on Facebook.

Ma'am you were going faster than the speed limitPlease let me go, I am a teacher.A Teacher? I have been waiting for this day for so longNow write,"I will not overspeed" 1000 times.

Best 3 Comedy Lines In Student Life..

1)Please don’t Disturb I Want to Study!

2)No Class,Den Lets Go 2 Library!
D Best 1 is:
3)Sir,I Have a Question!!!! :-)

Once A Girl Askd Her Bf :Why We Have Units To MeasureWeight, Height & DistanceButNot Love, Friendship & Trust?Boy Thought For A While...Took Her In His Arms,Looked Deep In Her Eyes & SaidLook, DON'T Eat My Brain!I Have Already Failed In Physics :p:D

Since The Rates Of PETROL,
Is Getting High Day By Day...
Are To Be Considered;
D Most
4 Dates..

Why Girls Live Longer Than Boys?.Scientific Studies Have Proved That..."SHOPPING"Never Causes HEART ATTACKS, But,."PAYING The "BILLS" Does

When A Girl Says"Have Fun"To A Boy,It Normally Means:"Have A Freaking' Horrible Time."

Unknown No.1Hi,Do u have a boyfriend?Girl:Yes.Who are you?It's your dad, be home this weekend, and we will talk!Unknown No.2Hi do you have a boyfriend?Girl:Not a chance,who are you anyway?It's your bf,sucks to know that you are not proud to be with me and be your bf:(Girl:Sorry babe,I thought u r my dad, he texted me a while back asking the same questionYes,it's me, your dad.We'll have a long talk this weekend!

If Your Teacher Puts2x + 5x2 / -8 + 210n The BoardAndTells You To"Solve The Problem"Get Up n Erase The BoardProblem Solved ...

"Real Heart Touching Story"A B0y Sent The Most Expensive BirdThat C0uld Speak 40 Languages As ABirthday Gift 2 His Girlfriend.Next Day He Asked About The GiftB0y: Hows The Bird??Girl:Very Tasty

The World's LargestMigration Is From.
Orkut To Facebook !

Wish Of A Girl These Days"*I Dun Want Any Prince Charming Coming On A White Horse**I Wud Rather Like A Vampire Coming In A Bmw!

A Belated Teachers' DayIts A Humble Request"80% Of Teachers rSuffering From ThroatPain By Teaching Students."So Plz..BUNK d Classes As MuchAs PossiblenSave Our Teachers

Devils went to Court to Provethat he is The Most,Cruel & wicked Guy on Earth.But he Failed, He Came Out Angrily & Asked,Yaar ye “ALTAF BHAI‚ kon hai?

Kids Born After 2009Mom, May I See My Photo-AlbumsOf That Time When I Was A Kid??.......................
Mom : Yeah Sure, Let Me Login To Facebook...

2 Guys Were Following 2 GirlsBoth Girls Took Rakhi & Tied To Their Hands.1st Guy To Second-What Will We Do Now?2nd Guy-U Marry My Sis,I Will Marry Ur Sis

Now A Days Girls Are Crazy About 4 Things1.Make Up2.Mobile Phones3.ShoppingAur4.HuMaYuNNow Dont Edit And Write Your Name
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