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Recognize Cunning Persons-Human Snakes

Many times you found yourself surrounded by the cunning persons. If you are kind hearted it is easy to trap you. They are real Human Snakes. They only want to use you and after the completion of their motive, they behave you as they do not even know you. They are always asking you your family problems or weak areas of your personalty to push you in the situation to feel yourself lower than they are.Actually it is very difficult task to treat with cunning persons. I think that they use you just because you are a soft hearted person and also that you are not so tactful.The common thing among cunning persons is that they look and treat like ' Best Friend '. 

1. First and major step is just 'IGNORE' them. Do not give your valuable time to even think about them. If he cannot be avoided, acknowledge his presence with a smile and go right ahead with your work without waiting for a conversation to begin. If a conversation does begin, feign ignorance in that subject and excuse yourself for some imaginary task that needs to be done. There is nothing better than constant ignorance to shoo away a cunning person. This will annoy him in the long run. He may even decide to find a new target.

2. Take more time to choose your friends. Study them how they behave.It is better to stay alone than being in a bad company. Take the proper time to grow the friendship, do not show that you have in demand of friendship. If you have recognized particular person as a selfish or cunning guy, just leave him and forget about him. Never think about him because he just can give you pain and nothing else. There is another important thing is that never close the door of friendship.

3. If the situation is 'unavoidable' do not allow them to look into your personal life. Never tell about your weak areas. It is truth that you yes! you allow to invite them to play game and take advantage from you. Be assertive and say No in time. Decide yourself who can enter in your life. Examine every person and share your emotions only with those who are faithful. 

4. Examine yourself to find out your weak areas such as short tempered, angry person. No one is perfect but try to make your self close and close to be perfect. Cunning persons can take advantage from your weak areas. Once you control yourself half of them give up you.

5. Trace out the reason why the cunning person want to harm you, your job, your family or else. If you recognize the reason it is easy to face.Make a considerable distance from them. Do not allow them to enter in your life. Just smile and smile never speak a single word to them because it will be a defeat of you. The negative person is simply seeking to get a reaction from you. That’s what they feed on. Don't let them catch you in their web of negativity because as soon as you do, that’s when they start draining your energy.
Finally, God Bless You :)

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