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Good Morning SMS

suraj ke bina subah nhi hoti,
chand ke bina raat nhi hoti,
Badal ke bina barsat nhi hoti,
apki yaas ke bina din ki suruat nhi hoti...
Good Morning...

Good Morning
Lo Chay Piyo
;;; ;;;
C(“”) C(“”)
“”"‘ “”"‘
Cup Aur Plate Dho Ke Wapas Karna
Kal Fir Pilayenge.
Good Morning..

You'Re The Winter Sun,
You'Re The Summer Breeze,
On A December Rose,
You're A Drop Of Dew,
After Cloudy Nights,
Of Good Morning Shimmer,
You're The First Ray,
You're The First Ray...
Good Morning,...

King Alexander's last words - "Keep my hands outside my grave so the world knows, the man who won the world had nothing in his hand when dying"...
Good Morning

Naa kisi ke
me jeeyo,
Naa kisi Ke
me jeeyo,
Zindgi aapki hai,
Bas apne Mast "SWABHAAV"
me jeeyoo..!
Good Morning...

A New Sun
A Fresh Day
A Cool Greetings
Asking u to Forget all your Worries Sorrows & Tears for Someone Who Wants to See You morning

New morning
+New aim
+New decision
+New dream
+New idea
+New thinking
+New ambition
May God give u everything in life

A Warm Good Morning
Larger Than D Sea !
Wider Than What Eyes Can See !
Soft Like Silk Should Be !
Sweeter Than
Honey of The Bee

When Pride Rolls Me Down,
Humbleness Pulls Me Up;
When Lie Cracks Me Down,
Truth Builds Me Up;
When Sins Makes Me Dark,
Forgiveness Make Me Light;
When World Push Me Away,
My ALLAH Pulls Me Near <3
Good Morning.

There Comes A Time In Life
When You Have To Let Go Of All The Pointless Drama & People Who Create It…
And Surround Yourself With The People Who Make You Laugh So Hard…
That You Forget The Bad & Focus Soulely On Good. After All
Life Is Too Short To Be Anything But HAPPY … =)

i’d like mornings better,
If my mornings started with you.
Good Morning My Love

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